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At Square Grouper we utilize a modified “Sea of Green” growing system. Sea of green typically consists of 1 plant occupying every square foot of growing space. These smaller plants grow more quickly, and in a single cola formation. This method requires more plants, but more efficient usage of the available growing space. Pallet racking is utilized so we can incorporate vertical gardening, further taking advantage of the available growing space.

Fluence Lighting.JPG


Our plants are cultivated under Fluence LED lighting. The use of LED lighting lowers the electrical impact on the environment. LEDs also allow us to get our lights closer to the plants without adding additional heat loads associated with HID lighting. Lower heat loads and electrical demands allow us to produce above average yields, while having a lower impact on the environment. 



​Plants in our system are grown in coco coir and  irrigated using the Netafim Netaflex 5G controller. The combination of the coco coir substrate and the precision control of the Netaflex fertigation system allow us to dial in our nutrient feeding program to accommodate the needs of each of our strains, keeping water efficiency at maximum capacity and minimizing waste.


Square Grouper utilizes a perpetual grow system. We harvest 5 days a week and have plants in all stages of growth at any given time. Frequent harvests allow us to keep a fully stocked inventory to accommodate the needs of Dispensary and Manufacturing partners. We have the capacity to deliver products in any form necessary. We have dried trim for Manufacturers looking to make distillate, diamonds, shatter, caviar, etc. If you are in need of fresh frozen flower, we have that too. Let us know the quantity and we can give insight to our harvest schedule. Manufacturers are able to choose what week the finished flower is harvested, then the fan leaves are removed and the product is frozen until reception. We also have testing overages and bottom of the batch full flower that we offer for preroll input material (contact us for pricing).



Our flower is harvested at peak genetic potential, with just the right balance of amber and cloudy trichomes. Once harvested, we quickly record weights and remove fan leaves. The highest quality strains go through the hand trimming process for sale in dispensaries. All other flower is carefully guided through our Mobius Trimmer, the most gentle and thorough trimmer on the market. After trimming has been completed, the flower is dried on racks in a climate-controlled area, for a targeted 14-day period. Once completely dried, our finished flower gets sealed and allowed to cure for an additional 10-14 days in our auto-burp barrels before testing to be sold. 

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